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I’m a web designer specialising in WordPress, I use only the best third-party providers to ensure a good product and excellent support systems, from the WP theme to the hosting, including security, performance, analytics, SEO compliance and accessibility issues amongst other items.

  • By default, I always include the necessary security and function facilities when building a website (secure SSL, cache, back-ups, Google Analytics, SEO compliance and so…)
  • My websites follow best practices and I aim to deliver the best possible experience for the visiting user.
  • I offer the best possible up-to-date WP customised hosting platform for your new website. This ensures stability, speed, security and endurance.
  • I use a visual-builder-based award-winning WP theme that makes editing an easy and enjoyable experience. Forget about any past WP nightmares.
  • I can integrate many extras to your website, from a membership-based content-protected site to an online shop using e-commerce.

I start with a listening ear and I’m very happy to meet and discuss your project and to elaborate a bespoke proposal for your project.

Please use the Enquiry Form to give us a departing idea of the website you may need.


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Do you already own this domain name? If you don't, we recommend you buy it, so you own it.
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Where do you want to host your website? We recommend for us to host your website in a secure and reliable host to provide the best performance and security, and we are not liable for hosting servers we cannot control.

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